Nilla rose 8 cm

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Many customers say that Nilla is the original of colored votives, we also think it is gorgeous. It is mouth-blown and has a marked transparent edge at the bottom which gives it an exclusive expression. Nilla are great to combine with each other and also together with votives Leah.


MEASURE Ø:8, H:8 cm
WEIGHT 0.45 kg
CARE ADVICE Wash by hand


  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Never place the candle near any flammable materials
  • Always place candlesticks / light cups on a fireproof surface
  • Never use candlesticks / candle cups with scratches, cracks or other damage
  • Be sure to place the light in the center of the lamp so that there is enough space for the air to circulate between the heat lamp and the candle
  • Never use more than one tealight per lamp
  • Do not move the candle when it is burning or if the wax has not solidified
  • Do not place burning candles near a heat source or in places with drafts
  • Make sure that the wick is no longer than 0.5 cm when the scented candle is lit
  • For scented candles - never let the candle burn all the way down